Expungement Statistics

Individual County

We are actively pulling cases from more counties but currently only have several available for statistical review.

Loading the Baltimore City database can take up to 1 minute to load.


Database Statistics

Total Cases in the MDExpungement database: x

Total cases with dispositions: x

Total expungeable cases in database: x

Percentage Expungeable: x%

Total petitions printed from this county: x

Total filing fees saved: $x

Fine Print: Most MDExpungement databases only include District Court cases. This means the data above does not represent Circuit Court and Traffic Court cases. Filing fees saved are determined by adding up the MLSC Waivers and the Petition to Waive Fees and multiplying by the filing fee $30. Expungeability is determined at the time our servers pulled the case. Most Probation Before Judgment cases and STET cases will become expungeable after 3 years.

FY 2015 Cases

Out of x cases with dispositions, x were expungeable.

x % of cases in FY 2015 (July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015) were expungeable.

Fine Print: Please note, whether a case is determined to be expungeable is done at the time our servers pulled the case. Cases which resulted in a Probation Before Judgment or a STET disposition will likely become expungeable after the mandatory 3 year waiting period. This also doesn't include cases which were already expunged prior to our servers pulling cases. With the exception of Baltimore City, the data above only consists of cases for which there was a disposition in District Court. Baltimore City contains Circuit Court cases as well. Important to note is the data does not contain traffic court cases. If you are reporting these numbers please contact us for an explanation of what the numbers represent at contact@mdexpungement.com.