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Criminal records hold back millions of people every year. Your record can affect employment, housing, education and more. The process to get rid of that record is called "Expungement". Type in your case number below to get started or simply type "Example" as the case number to see what we do.

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How it Works

Step 1: Enter your case number

If you don't know your case number you can find it on the the Maryland Public Case Search website. If you just want to see how it works type "Example" as the case number.

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Step 2: Update information

Your case will be instantly pulled from the Maryland Case Search Website. If your case is expungeable you will have the ability to update any outdated information.

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Step 3: Print, Sign, & File

Print, sign, and file the forms with the Courthouse.

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What is an Expungement?

An expungement is the destruction or removal from public view of a criminal record. Once expunged your record will be removed from Maryland public databases and background searches.

What Crimes are Expungeable?

Expungement law has many nuances and exceptions but in general, every case EXCEPT ones in which you were found Guilty are expungeable. Certain dispositions like STET and Probation Before Judgement (PBJ) have minimum waiting periods before you can file for expungement.

To learn more about expungement law click here.

Obtain an Expungement

Cases in which you were formally charged, except for certain traffic cases, are not automatically expunged. In order to get an expungement you must formally ask the court to expunge your record.


A majority of all criminal cases each year are expungeable. Baltimore City District Courts in 2014 had an expungeable case rate of about 72%. If we use that same rate for all the cases in Maryland it means there were 121,414 expungeable cases created in 2014! Despite all the beneficial reasons to get an expungement, we are still creating more expungeable cases then we are expunging. In 2014 the Baltimore City District Court produced about 19,409 expungeable cases. However, there were only 6,606 expungement petitions filed in Baltimore City District Court. To learn more about expungement statistics click here.

Sample Expungement Form

Sample Expungement Form

Why Should I Get An Expungement?


Employers will discriminate against people with criminal records. Especially when the charge is a theft or drug charge.


Most university's require applicants to disclose prior criminal history. After your record has been expunged you do not have to disclose it.


Most landlords will look up a persons record before renting to them.


Having a record can even hurt your ability to get credit.

MDExpungement in the Press

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Every Wednesday, there’s a line out the door at the public defender’s office in Baltimore City. The dozens of people queued up are looking to make a run-in with the legal system disappear from public view. For many people who were accused — but never convicted — in a legal case, this...

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Open Law Lab

One of the most exciting ideas that came out of last month’s Legal Services Corporation/Technology Innovation Grants conference in San Antonio was the idea of using data to engage people with legal problems to use the legal system to address them. The concept came from a lawyer in Maryland...

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We have talked about how legal tech often focuses on the wrong problems and that one of the things we should be doing is working to better access and wrangle big data. We have also discussed, again and again and again, how to close the access to justice gap. One...

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Frederick News-Post

Each month, a small crowd gathers in the classroom at Frederick County’s Workforce Services office.They are there to increase their opportunities in life, get a leg up in the job market, improve their housing situation. And clear their records. The group is there to learn about the legal process...

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Maryland Senate

Matthew Stubenberg, creator of testified on behalf of several bills being proposed to the Maryland legislature. His testimony starts at 1:45.

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Matthew Stubenberg is interviewed at the October 1st 2015 New Pslamist expungement event.

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New York Times

Matthew Stubenberg was a law student at the University of Maryland in 2010 when he spent part of a day doing expungements. It was a standard law school clinic...

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Court Filing Fee

The Court charges a $30 filing fee for each expungement petition (each case), unless your disposition was a Not Guilty. If you received a Not Guilty there is no filing fee.

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Automatic record expungement was the idea of Matthew Stubenberg, Esq. the President of Maryland Legal Apps, LLC. The website creates a simple and efficient way to determine the expungability of a case and to automatically fill out the necessary forms.

Matthew Stubenberg is now the IT Director at the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service.

A special thanks to Phil Smith for programming assistance and Mary-Denise Davis with the Office of the Public Defender.